There is good news and bad news when suing a credit bureau. The bad: It's challenging. The laws are complicated and differ from state to state, and if you have not kept detailed financial records, things could get even more complicated. The good: If the bureau refuses to correct errors in   your credit report , you can sue and win. Not only can these errors get corrected, but you may also walk away with punitive damages.



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      Send a certified letter to the   credit bureau   detailing your concerns and asking them to correct the errors. Include any supporting evidence. Even if you have done this before, it will help your case to show you made a last-ditch effort to solve the matter before resorting to litigation. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, they are legally allowed 30 days to correct the error, so you will need to allow that time.

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      Check your state's laws. In some states, only the attorney general is allowed to file suits against   credit bureaus . Your state attorney general office or consumer advice bureau can advise you. Your state government's website will have the contact information.

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      Hire a lawyer specializing in credit-related cases. Although you are not legally required to have a lawyer to file this suit, it is in your best interests due to the complexity of the laws involved. A referral service like Avvo, or your state's bar association, can help you locate a lawyer.

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      Decide on a legal strategy. If state law allows, you could sue for failing to correct your report within the 30 days required under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If, however, your state does not allow this approach, your lawyer can determine other alternatives. For instance, some consumers have successfully sued credit bureaus for defamation of character.

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      Obtain filing papers from the county's clerk of court. The amount of damages you are seeking, as well as your state laws, determine whether you should file your case in small claims or civil court. Your lawyer may handle the filing process for you.

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      Return your completed filing papers to the court clerk. The credit bureau will receive notification of the filing and receive a specific time frame to respond, as per your state's laws. They may attempt to settle out of court with you, or they will fight the case. If they opt for the latter, the court clerk will assign you a court date.

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