Creating A Brand New Credit File!

You are about to read material that can change your life drastically! The only requirements are that you read carefully and follow the instructions completely. We are providing this information to help you, you must understand that you can only use the new credit file once! It's up to you to keep your new credit file clean, you wont get another chance to start another new file. Please study this manual carefully.

The information in this booklet cost me a lot more money than you are paaying for it. I had a bad credit rating and could not buy anything on credit. I tried a couple of those Credit Repair places, that did not help. I purchased several credit aid programs. After trying all of them this one worked for me. I now have good credit and have bought a new car and a house, I currently have 3 Visa credit cards and a Sears. I feel if you follow the directions in this manual, you to will have good credit. A lot of work went into this booklet for your benefit. I truly hope this is the solution you were looking for. You will understand credit better, how the credit system works and most important... How to get your credit back.

Please do not use this information illeagally. Some people will try to take advantage of this system and provide false information to get new credit. We are very much against this. If you are lie on your applications, the penalties could be fines and jail time. This is a legal system, not to be abused in any way. Providing false information for the purposes of securing credit and or identity is a federal offense.

This program can be used by anyone , ONCE! The system only requires one form to be filled out, that's it. It will take about a few months to start building up your new credit, but that is typical of a new credit file. How long did it take you to get credit the first time around? Be patient and careful and most of all thorough! Do not expect to go out and be able to buy a new car tomorrow, that is not how this works. Patience is the key, read this program, follow the instructions precisely and soon you will be on your way to new credit.

First I must explain to you how the Credit bureaus identify you out of the millions of people on file. An awful lot of people have similar or same names, addresses, zip codes, DOB's and more. The CB's need a way to identify you. It is not a foolproof system some people get mixed up with others and credit files get merged. This is what the CB's try to avoid, and the system they use is as follows:

Credit Bureaus identification system

1. Name- Last name and first The first 10 digits of the last name, and the first name are compared.

2. Middle initial- if there is a match on the first and last name, the middle initial is used to verify.

3. Home Address- Usually just the first 5 digits of the address are used, sometimes street name.

4. Zip codes – addresses and zip codes are compared to match the names file.

5. DOB - further matches are decreased by date of birth

6. SS# the social security number is matched.

7. Previous addresses/residence any prior residences are cross matched to the above

Now that you know what they use, let me tell you why it is important to know about it.

Page 1

The CB's are constantly cross matching files, to get an accurate representation of the person the file belongs to, any and all previous addresses, jobs, or other pertinent information will be entered into your credit file if it matches the criteria above. This prevents you from simply altering your SS# and sending in a new credit application, the CB's will recognize the other criteria, and simply add the new request to your current file. Thus, if you have bad credit, it will be seen. This happens when you change addresses, jobs apply in different states and so on.... If you have bad credit, and you give a

new creditor any of the information above it can be cross matched and linked to your credit file. And this is where our system becomes unique, you are not fooling anyone, not lying, with this system you are just avoiding the matches that would normally deny you credit. Understanding how the CB's identify you is the first step, now you know what they look for, lets now turn our attention on the first step of the program.

The First step is to get a TIN, which is a taxpayer identification number. You get one from the IRS. It is used to identify home based businesses and the like. So you are in effect applying for a business tax ID number (not literally). To get your TIN, just call your local IRS office. You do not have to say why you want it, but you can say that you are going to start an MLM or some type of home business, which you should. You will receive the form within 2 weeks at most. The instructions for filling it out the will follow, but first read and understand the questions on the form.

DO NOT send the completed form to any of the following locations:

Fresno, Ca. Austin, TX, Memphis, TN. Ogden, UT. Take the time to read our instructions and understand them before sending the form, if you do not follow the steps, all your efforts will be in vein, and you will never again get the chance to get a new file.

When you have received the form, look it over carefully. You will need to fill in the following parts

Now that you have seen the form you must now read the following BEFORE filling it out and sending it in.


Please consult an attorney in your area BEFORE proceeding with the steps to insure you are not violating any local,state,or federal laws or regulations. Remember from the previous page how the credit bureaus identify you. The goal here is to create a new file, and the only way to do that is to have little or no matching value linked to your new TIN # (which will become a new credit file #) notice that the TIN is nine digits like the SS#.

Page 2

Do not put your current address in the Address field of the SS-4 form! Use a mailing service (which is perfectly legal since you are starting a new business and will be receiving mail at that location) You should not use a company like Mail Boxes ETC.. Because they can be linked to you and that would be a match. You can use a secretarial service or rent office space for mail reasons, both are easy and inexpensive to setup. (check the phone book) This step is very important as it distances you from your previous file (address) and creates no match.

Second step:

Get a new telephone number, I suggest you rent a voice mail line for this purpose, as getting a new line in your home would be a match. Use a service in another town/state have them bill the line to your new business name

and address.

Now that you have completed getting a new address and phone # you can fill out the form (SS-4) and send it in.

When you receive your TIN, DO NOT rush out and apply for credit! You are NOT DONE YET!

Now you have to make sure the matches and links are all cleared up! Take these steps before filling out any credit applications.

Change the address on your driver's license to an address different than your current address and the new mailing address you have just created. You will be asked for your address on your DL everywhere you go, remember you are avoiding matches here, you must be thorough! If your Drivers license has your SS# on it. Request that it be changed to a different ID #, the reasons you give can be many, from harassment to simply not wishing to give out

your SS# to everyone. Check with your local DMV on their rules concerning changing DL#'s, you should have no problem.

Now in the future if some creditor asks for your DL# it will be different and not tied to your old credit file, match! If you find you cannot change your DL#, then do not put it down on new credit applications! Only Federal State and Local government agencies can make you divulge your SS#, NO ONE ELSE has that right! It's the LAW. Use something else instead like your new TIN # (are you getting the IDEA now?)

Remember when you use your TIN # you must write TIN following the numbers and separate the numbers in the correct format like this 01-23456789 DO NOT attempt fraud by writing in the TIN as an SS# that is not what we are teaching you! Use the TIN number in place of your SS# but make SURE you write TIN when doing so!

Extra steps to insure you are not matched

Use only the year of your birth instead of the whole date example: if you were born on March 5, 1954 then put down 54 as the DOB. They do not need your entire birth date and they can not refuse you for not giving it.

Get a new Bank account with the TIN number, do not use your current residence and make sure the account is not in the same zip code as your old one. (Do not pay any old bills with your new bank account, that can be matched!)

NOW we have the steps to getting complete new credit file

When applying for new credit use the following...


New Address

New Drivers license #

New Telephone #

DOB of just 2 digits

TIN number

New Bank Reference

What NOT to list:

Previous addresses

Previous Jobs (list home business)

Anything that links you to your old credit file

Previous creditors (even if favorable)

Notice that there is only one thing that would bring a match to your new credit file... Your name!

Page 3

Notice that there is only one thing that would bring a match to your new credit file... Your name! How many John Smiths are there? Do not worry about the name match, with nothing else to match, there will be no links to your old credit file and you will have started a new one!

Now you may be looking at that and saying "hey. If I can't list anything previous, how will I qualify for credit " Well, the truth is it is a BRAND NEW CREDIT FILE, of course there is nothing there, that is the point and the goal. Now you have the opportunity to start building the new credit file. We have several suggestions on how to go about this.

To start off your new credit file:

Start off small, gas stations, small rental places, local department stores Do not rush out and apply for everything in sight! That will show up on your new file and raise eyebrows. Get a secured credit card and charge small purchases, pay them off MONTHLY. Do not make payments (this builds credit quicker) Do not over extend yourself. Make sure you have enough cash to pay off the new credit accounts lest you end up getting stuck in the same cycle all over again. Follow these simple steps and soon you will be on your way to establishing great credit, it may take a

while but it is better than waiting 7-10 years for all the negatives to get wiped off of your old file right?


It is quite simple

Get a trusted friend to get you a card on their account, most credit card companies allow this.

Do not charge on it, just give it to your friend as soon as it comes in. We only want to borrow his/her good credit, not use it. The moment you are signed on to his account, their good credit status is linked to your credit file immediately. Order a credit report and find out for yourself! You now have their history on your account. Do not do this too much as it will show over extension and you will be denied credit in the future. Keep it limited to once or twice.

We hope you have learned from our system and will put into use all the steps correctly and accurately and honestly. This is a simple system that anyone can do. Hunker down, and start working for your new credit file TODAY!


Call or write to your areas IRS and ask for an SS-4 form. ( A TIN application)

Get a new Mailing address

Get a new telephone number (not linked to your current address)

Change Your Drivers license number

Change your address on the Drivers license ( do not use your current or new mailing address)

Once you have received your SS-4 application: Use the following information on the SS-4 TIN application

Your new Address (new mailing address)

New Telephone number

Fill the rest out according to our guide

Once you have received your new TIN number (and not before)

Star applying for new credit following guidelines:

Use new Mailing Address

Use new telephone #

Use new Drivers license # (if needed, but not in place of SS#)

Use new TIN # instead of SS# ( write it as a TIN # not SS#)

Use 2 digit date of birth

Use new bank account reference ( remember to open a new

account with a NEW bank far away)

Do not list any previous anything!

Be careful where you apply (start small)

Law codes cited for this Booklet

1.Privacy Act of 1974 ( title 5 552(a) )

2. Fair Credit Reporting Act

3. Freedom of information act

IRS offices to call for the TIN: Call from anywhere: 1800-829-1040

In this state write to this address FL,GA,SC Atlanta, Ga. 39901, / NJ, NY, Holtsville NY 00501,/ CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT Andover, Ma 05501, / IL,IO,MN,MI,WI Kansas City, MO 64131, / DE,DC,MD,PE,VA Philadelphia, PA 19255, / IN,KY,MI,OH,WV Cincinnati, OH 45999, All address should be started with Entity Control with no street address. Thank you for your purchase we hope you benefit from this program as I have.

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