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After founding Consumer Investors TR in 2000 and building this company into profitability over a period of a few short years, Matt has now began to concentrated on building a solid Information Technology Company with a core emphasize of consumer self help and services through a variety of products and services offered though his companies Legal CPN and Affiliate Information Technology parented by A Consumer Holding TR sister company Consumer Investors TR.  

Matt Cohen author and owner of Legal CPN has identified broader market needs, growth and opportunity for Legal CPN.  While managing the staff of A Consumer Holding TR and Legal CPN; Matt enjoys a talented pool of professional and knowledgable account managers and service providers.   Combining Matt's history of success, growth, profitability and innovation with his key role as main Legal CPN strategist you can see a very natural fit for Matt Cohen heading A Consumer Holding TR, Legal CPN. His role within A Consumer Holding TR, D.B.A Legal CPN (   ) requires him to call on his vast experience of analysis while presenting Legal CPN to a growing audience of US and international clients.  

The bedrock of Legal CPN profitability is the fact Legal CPN offers a vast variety of products and services which is needed by an estimate of 100 million US citizens. The exciting feature to Legal CPN profitability is supported by broader market issues such as US and world banking recession, dollar concerns, inflationary concerns, lack of employment opportunities, and consumer sentiment. Legal CPN is combating these issues on a consumer level allowing consumer an opportunity to benefit from these opportunities. Legal CPN has aggressively taken market share from sector leaders allowing Legal CPN to become the largest sector provider.

Complete investor/service profile is avaliable upon request.