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Its As Simple As That.  Credit Repair; all we ask is that the clients allow us a reasonable amount of time to thoroughly mitigate their negative credit items, CPN's; Allow 3-5 days for your service to be completed and delivered, and Tradelines; allow no more than 30 days for reporting; and a full refund after 60 days. No other company; we know of, will back up their services the way Legal CPN has over the past 6 years though thousands of clients.

Our Guarantee Is In Writing

If you are considering a credit restoration, enhancement or credit creation services; you need to align yourself with a credit enhancement company that is experienced enough and confident enough in their ability to delete negative credit, enhance credit scores with positive tradelines, setting up CPN numbers and has the ability to create new credit profiles using the power of personal business or business credit options that guarantees total satisfaction. Legal CPN has that level of confidence and we are proud to offer the most substantial guarantee of positive results throughout the credit restoration industry.

When you are comparing credit enhancement companies to work with, be sure to ask yourself these questions:  

1) Will the company;     Guarantee results in writing?  
2) Will the company;    Provide my clients with a money back guarantee   in writing?  
3) Will the company;    Guarantee their services   if I allow time for my services to work?  

When you choose Legal CPN;  The answer to all of these questions is    "Yes!"

SEASONED TRADELINE GUARANTEE:  Our seasoned tradeline guarantee is in writing and fully enforceable.

4. Refund. In addition to the refund authorized by of this Agreement, Broker shall refund to Lessee all monies it has received from Lessee if Broker receives verifiable written documentation from Lessee, as well as a legible copy of the Lessee’s valid Social Security card containing the same Social Security Number submitted by Lessee through Lessee’s secure web site, that the addition of Lessee as an authorized user on one or more credit card accounts does not appear on at least one (1) of Lessee’s credit reports within sixty (60) calendar days of the first estimated reporting date following your actual addition to the account as an authorized user. Refunds will not be authorized for a Lessee’s inability to prove the validity of a Social Security Administration issued Social Security Number. Additionally, a refund will not be issued for any other reason than the non appearance of a purchased tradeline in at least one of the client’s three credit reports.

To read the entire seasoned tradeline contract;, Please note all clients enter and are protected by our contracts!  We make our guarantees in writing!